Task Forces and Strike Teams

New London County Fire Chiefs have developed a comprehensive list of assets and resources, available for deployment locally, within the County, within the State, or out of State if necessary.

Click on the Link below for the most current TF/ST List


Task Forces and Strike Teams can be activated by contacting QUINEBAUG VALLEY EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS (860)  412- 1500 or GROTON EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS (860) 445-2000



Group: Groups are established to divide the incident into functional areas of operation. Groups are located between Branches (when activated) and Resources in the Operations Section

Unit: That organization element having functional responsibility for a specific incident planning, logistics, or finance/administration activity.

Task Force: A group of resources with common communications and a leader that may be preestablished and sent to an incident, or formed at an incident.

Strike Team: Specified combinations of the same kind and type of resources, with common communications and a leader

Single Resource: An individual piece of equipment and its personnel complement, or an established crew or team of individuals with an identified work supervisor that can be used on an incident.