This association is organized for two purposes:

That immediate assistance in personnel and apparatus could be made available to any fire department in New London County, or bordering counties, belonging to the Association at a moments notice without formality and confusion which generally arises in case of large fire or emergency.  This system is to be known as the County Mutual Aid Plan.  This system shall be arranged so that any community, whose fire apparatus, rescue equipment, or fire police is called upon to assist a neighboring community in case of a serious fire or emergency, will have the protection of at least one piece of apparatus from participating departments until its own apparatus has returned to quarters.

The social and instructive side of the Association, whereby we meet at different fire departments that are members of the Association, is for the purpose of exchanging views on various subjects pertaining to fire prevention and suppression.  At this meeting it is the goal of the Association to have programs and/or instruction in fire prevention methods, handling of fire and medical emergencies, fire and arson investigation, fire department management, the exhibition of modern firefighting and rescue equipment, and any other subject deemed beneficial to the members of the Association.